Mistaken Identity, Selection Error, Double Posting See Three Through Exit Door

Emile Yotham Ntakamulenga probably woke up early yesterday in a jovial mood. It was one of those great days in his life.

He drove all the way to No. 1 Barack Obama Drive, location of the white-painted State House in Dar es Salaam, exuding confidence and hope that he would be among the 139 newly-appointed District Commissioners (DCs) who were set to sign an integrity pledge with the Ethics Secretariat.

Just a few minutes after the Commissioner of the Ethics Secretariat, Judge (Retired) Salome Kaganda, had finished issuing directives to the newly-appointed DCs and three regional commissioners (RCs), who were sworn-in by President John Magufuli yesterday, she said there was a problem with the DCs list. "There is no problem with the appointment of the new RCs.


But there is a point of correction on the attendance of DCs," she said adding: For the post of Serengeti DC, Mr Emily Ntakamulenga was wrongly appointed. I hereby make a correction and announce that Mr Nurdin Babu is the right appointee of the president."

What promised to be Mr Ntakamulenga's big day turned sour and the smiles vanished instantly after Ms Kaganda asked him to leave the room so that the exercise could continue. 

He collected himself and immediately stood up, picked his documents and exited the room under the escort of the State House security detail Press photographers and TV cameraman jumped into action in their bid to record the scene and take photographs of Mr Ntakamulenga as he walked out of the room.

It was not immediately established what his next destination was. The revocation of Mr Ntakamulenga's appointment may have come as a blessing in disguise to Mr Babu, who is now waiting to be sworn-in by Mara Regional Commissioner, Dr Charles Mlingwa, who was sworn-in yesterday to replace Mr Magesa Mulongo, who was dropped in the mini-reshuffle made by Dr Magufuli earlier this week.

Earlier, in a televised speech beamed live by several local television stations, Dr Magufuli revoked the appointment of two other DCs just a few minutes to the scheduled exercise to sign the integrity pledge.

Those affected included Ms Fatma Hassan Toufiq, who was replaced by Ms Agnes Hokororo. Her appointment was revoked after the president realised that she was also an MP.

According to Dr Magufuli, his government would no longer appoint people who are doing other jobs. "In a bid to increase efficiency, my government will be a one-person-one-job one," he insisted.


Photo: The Citizen  Story: Allafrica.com

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